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Upper Mount House - Access Statement - Disabilities

Mobility issues are highly important to us at Upper Mount House.

The Upper Mount House welcomes people with disabilities and has developed the access statement to address some of the more common issues that disabled people face.

This access statement is intended to provide additional information for all guests who wish to stay in the guest house. Recognition has been given to include: mobility, sight, hearing, learning difficulties or other hidden and impairment.

Upper Mount House aims to ensure that all employees, guest and others that use, or assist in, the provision of our services - whether they have a mobility difficulty, a visual impairment or are deaf or hard of hearing, are blind, have a speech impairment or difficulty or mental health disability - are treated equally and according to their needs.

We request that anyone wishing to make an enquiry or booking inform us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have in order for us to meet any personal requirements. As proprietors we aim to assist disabled guests with empathy.

Entrance to Upper Mount House

The main front entrance for check in has five steps from car park level. We have a side entrance with an incline of 23 degrees leading directly to ground floor rooms. The breakfast room is in the semi basement with ten steps to access.


Upper Mouth is equipped with an automatic fire alarm and detection system, emergency lighting and smoke detectors. In the event of fire all guests are required to muster outside the building on the front car parking area. Disabled guests will be escorted to the muster point.

If you require assistance for an emergency at night telephone "0" on your room phone or ring the bell in the reception area.


Mr Wayne Mitchell